Sunday, June 22, 2008

human versus animal

• 1,000 humans produce as much total solids as:
20 dairy cows
60 beef feeder cattle
280 feeder pigs
6 200 laying hens
11 000 broiler chickens

• 1,000 humans produce as much Total Nitrogen as:
40 dairy cows
90 beef feeder cattle
340 feeder pigs
7 000 laying hens
12 000 broiler chickens

• 1,000 humans produce as much Total Phosphorus as:
30 dairy cows
70 beef feeder cattle
190 feeder pigs
3 800 laying hens
8 600 broiler chickens

• 1,000 humans produce as much Total coliform bacteria as:
30 dairy cows
1 300 beef feeder cattle
10 000 feeder pigs
130 000 laying hens

Dairy Cattle - mature cows
total manure per cow: 68.7 L / day

Beef Cattle - feeders
total manure per animal: 21.3 L / day

Pigs - feeder pigs
total manure per pig: 5.8 L / day

Chickens - laying hens
total manure per chicken: 0.2 L / day

Chickens - broilers
total manure per chicken: 0.07 L / day

from: 'human versus animal: a comparison of waste properties'
fleming and ford, university of guelph, july 2001.

Friday, June 20, 2008

satellite pooper from michigan!

Oh! And poop~ okay I am joining the group as an outpost of the outpost. Here are my current habits/functions.

5 gallon poop-n-pee ala heather

I am on bucket #3 and think I have something workable. I do have the luxury of keeping and using everything outside on lots of land. So smell is not an issue or detectable but system is working. I am putting about 3-4” of sawdust on the bottom of the bucket and begin pooping after awhile (doesn’t take too long as I’ve been following a high-fiber diet). It gets so high that I can’t poop freely. (I sit on the rim.) at that point, top it off (fully) with sawdust and move it to a pee only location. Then I pee into it (no t.p. anymore) until the sawdust is moist (sponge damp like good compost – usually determined! Hee hee! or is its feeling appropriately heavy. At this point, I am just letting the bucket sit in the forest but soon I’ll run out of buckets and have to dump. How long will it take to be less/non stinky, messy, recognizable? I was thinking of introducing worms that I find in the local soil to help speed things along.

Honestly my motivation here is really to process and breakdown sawdust. We have and use a sawmill here and have PILES! Of it and nowhere to put it as we can’t put it in the soil or NOTHING WILL GROW THERE. Hey, do you know if that quality of being able to grow anything totally transformed after composting? Presumably yes, but I always eave room for my ignorance.

I am very curious about the characteristics and suitability of consequent soil/compost.

Is there a good/better/best thing to plant in such a soil?