Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Concerns about the dry commode.

Re: drop off of the dry commode...

how's monday morning for either of you?
could also do another drop monday eve.

lemme know.

bombs away!

monday morning could work. what time?

nance, i'm really not sure how the commode will work for my situation. could we go over logistics of it before you drop it off? what do i need to do? when is it picked up? what are any precautions/things i should be aware of? i can't keep it in my bathroom, with my clientelle. the back porch does not seem realistic. i can try for that back utility closet perhaps, if i organize it better and clear it out. i'm just a bit concerned, as i am not the most organized nor conscientious person and don't want a shitstorm (litrally) on my hands. i have a hard time getting food composted, let alone poop. at any rate, i really want to be supportive, but am feeling a little overwhelmed. could we chat?

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