Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sayre discovers the steathy aspects of bucketpooing...

so, just to fill you in on some delightful testhole developments...

I am finding that I am holding my poo when I am out so that I can poo in my bucket at home instead of a flush toilet.

I have found that pooing and peeing in sawdust is very quiet, with no resonating splashy tinkling sounds. Bucketpooing is so quiet in fact, that I pooed while on a conference call and no one had any idea that's what I was doing. Tee hee hee!

you are a nutty nut nut.
i am soooo happy.

imagine if they had said something like this:"what was that muffled thud?"

what would your reply have been?

I would have blamed it on the cats of course.
hee hee hee

1 comment:

Dave Scotese said...

I'm in California without a bucket :-(

I work from home and pooping time is idea for returning phone calls. So whenever our technical discussion is interrupted by a splash bomb, I blame it on the cats too.