Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nance, Joanna, Andrew, and friends coordinate.

Yes, the rest of the household is ready to move forward. I
just have a couple more questions. Is the 'can' and
the sawdust something that I will be able to keep in my
bathroom if I have a one year old who likes to explore?

i am providing you with sufficient sawdust. you can put it in a conatiner that works for you. the toilet lid can can be taped down with some duct tape and opened as needed.


How big is the barrel that will sit outside?

it is a 32 gallon garbage can.


Do you remove the entire barrel only once it is full?

yes. and then i will bring you another one.

How long do you think it would take to fill if there are 5 of us?

if using constantly then 2 weeks or so.


Sorry for all of the questions. I just imagine that once the barrel is in place and filling, it is a pretty permanent decision. Thanks!



Nance to Andrew (in same building as Joanna):
4 people on your floor, right? still one bucket or two?
one 32 gallon garbage conatainer for both floors.
joanna's household is seperate. we are talking. she has her own questions and i have tried to answer them. she will get back to me if she feels

hi joanna.
i just talked to andrew in your building and it is all a go for their participation in HUMBLE PILE. have you had a chance to think over if you are interested in participating?
btw, when i use my dry toilet, i use a fair amount of saw dust in the bottom and between usage and the only cleaning' i do is a rinse with a hose - very little to clean out.
each household will be getting some liquid microbes to add to their cans in order to speed up composting.

I'm cc'ing all the Pile Participants in my household on this email.
Firstly, I want to announce to all that Humblepile will be installing the Pile Parts on Monday morning, from 9 to Noon.

Nancy--there were a couple of questions. How much peeing is allowed in the bucket, ie. when you just have to go #1 does that go in the bucket too? Also, if there are four poopers in one apartment, we will need two buckets, can you spare two for us?

/Andrew and friends

ps Look Sarah, this research team in Antarctica that composted poo used rocks to secure the lids before they emptied their buckets.

Hey All,
I believe we were all in agreement with to set up the 32-gallon drum in the backyard to be used by all in the house (4 upstairs) and me. 2 buckets for them to poop in and one for me; again all being dumped into the same 32-gallon loader.
I feel comfortable moving forward at this point, as I believe we just really gotta try it out to see if it is going to work for us.
Have a great day all!

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